What is Water Treatment?

What is Water Treatment?

Water treatment is carried out in order to make water acceptable for a specific end-use. The end-use may include the following; for drinking, for industrial water supply, for irrigation, for water recreation or a variety of other uses. The water treatment process consists of removing contaminants from the water, to ensure it fit for its desired end-use.

The Types of Water Treatment

Cleartech Group Ltd offer a variety of water treatment services, which includes water system chlorination and pre-commission chemical cleaning.

A water system chlorination is part of a building’s commissioning process and is required in any new installations. You may also need to consider water system chlorination if; major alterations have been carried out on a building water system, samples taken from your water system indicate pathogens such as Legionella or Pseudomonas or if your water system is not flushed regularly. Services include; chlorination and disinfection of mains cold water lines, cold water storage tanks, domestic water services and hot and cold water services pipework. If the water’s end-use is for drinking, then potable water samples will be taken and tested at a UKAS laboratory – to ensure they are safe and free from contaminants.

Our pre-commission chemical cleaning services include; chemical cleaning of building water systems and pre-commission cleaning of pipework systems, as well as, monitoring of closed loop heating and dosing of specialty water treatment chemicals. Similar to water system chlorination, water samples may be taken and tested to ensure contaminants have been erased.

The Benefits of Water Treatment

The main benefit of water treatment is that it erases contaminants from a buildings water supply, allowing for clean and compliant water to be running throughout and building. If the water is being used for drinking then it is essential that is properly maintained, in order to avoid water related diseases. Additionally, if a building water tank is contaminated and these contaminated water droplets are inhaled, then Legionnaires’ disease could be contracted, which is a fatal, flu-like form of pneumonia. For more information on our Legionella compliance services, please visit our service page.

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