Fire and Smoke Dampers

A Fire damper is defined in BS 9999:2017 Code of practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings as a moveable closure within the ductwork which is operated automatically or manually to prevent the passage of fire. Fire dampers are utilised to help stop the spread of fire. Smoke dampers act similarly to fire dampers in order to maintain the structural integrity of physical smoke barriers.

City & Guild Qualified Engineers

Work carried out in accordance to site fire safety maintenance requirements

Adhere to BS9999:2017

Certification of necessary action is provided

Testing and Inspection

Cleartech can carry out a comprehensive Fire Damper test across your buildings entire system. This testing will highlight if anything is wrong that could cause a failure at any critical moment and prevent the spread of smoke and fire. You must ensure you have an up-to-date asset register for all fire and smoke dampers in your building. Our engineers also offer Ductwork Cleaning & Air Quality Testing for your project.

Provide a complete report on the condition and operation of your fire dampers

Regular testing to be carried out every 12 months

Planned inspection, maintenance and testing procedures provided

Ductwork Cleaning & Air Quality Testing