What is HVAC Commissioning?

What is HVAC Commissioning?

The HVAC commissioning process is an integral part of the design, construction, operation and maintenance of an HVAC system. The main goal of the commissioning function is to ensure that a building’s HVAC systems are operating correctly and in the way in which the building owner intended.

The Types of HVAC Commissioning

The initial commissioning of an HVAC occurs when the systems are first placed in to a new building or when a new HVAC system is put in to an existing building. Additionally, there is also retro-commissioning, which is when an older HVAC system is commissioned for the first time in an existing building. Finally, we have re-commissioning, which occurs when a system which was initially commissioned is later commissioned again, in order to either improve the function or adjust to the new requirements of the building owner.

The type of HVAC commissioning required for each building is determined before any works begin.

The Commissioning Process

The first port of call in the commissioning process is to conduct a thorough check of the HVAC equipment, following installation by the mechanical contractor. This assessment consists of verifying that the correct equipment has been installed and that it is situated in the correct location. Our commissioning engineers will then ensure that the HVAC installation meets the manufacturer’s requirements, using a customized checklist.

Following verification, the next step in the process is witnessing the equipment. The startup, shut down and sequence of operation needs to be verified and documented properly. Any issues with the system must be noted and reported to the mechanical contractors immediately. After successful verification and witness, the system is now ready to be tested, adjusted and balanced, to ensure it is operating as intended.

The Benefits of HVAC Commissioning

Without commissioning, the HVAC system may not operate correctly and will therefore be a waste of time, effort and purpose. By carrying out HVAC commissioning, the building owner will have documentation regarding how the HVAC systems are operating and any issues that need to be resolved. The system will operate correctly and the building will run efficiently and comfortably.

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