What is Commissioning Management?

What is Commissioning Management?

Commissioning management is essential in the mechanical and electrical building services process. The role is needed to ensure that commissioning works are managed correctly and performed to a high quality standard, as well as, ensuring that the project is handed over on time. Commissioning management is key to a building being operationally ready at handover, functioning in accordance with user and performing efficiently in use.

The Commissioning Management Process

Cleartech Group Ltd can offer commissioning management services, which includes; the management, evaluation and execution of a commissioning strategy and programme. This process takes in to account areas such as; commissionability, installation progress, maintainability, all documentation and training procedures and specialist vendor management, in order to meet with all current commissioning regulations.

The process includes overseeing and assisting with the co-ordination of all commissioning works, completing commissionability reports on all systems to be balanced, advise on any further VCDs/commissioning sets that will be required, as well as, witnessing all systems once fully commissioned/balanced and to ensure it is of an acceptable level.

The Benefits of Commissioning Management

The commissioning manager will oversee the works of the HVAC commissioning engineers and be integral in the coordination of the whole commissioning process. The commissioning manager is necessary for the HVAC systems to perform efficiently, correctly, comfortably and as the building owner intended.

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