Networking Breakfast with Kilbryde Hospice

The Kilbryde Hospice, in East Kilbride, recently held a networking breakfast in the Holiday Inn Express and invited local business leaders to come and speak about their Corporate Social Responsibility and their involvement with the hospice.

Our Director, Jim, was one of the chosen speakers, along with representatives from Prospect Healthcare in Hairmyres, Milne Management, the hospice Clinical Services Manager and the Chief Executive, Gordon McHugh. Cleartech have been working alongside Kilbryde Hospice since 2009 and currently provide the palliative care facility with water hygiene services which keep their systems safe and compliant. This is an on-going partnership and we are always happy to support the hospice in any way we can, this includes; providing our services, attending events and charity balls and, as mentioned, speaking at networking breakfasts.

The Kilbryde Hospice is a local, registered charity which provides specialist palliative care to patients with life limiting progressive illnesses, and to their relatives and carers. This service is provided free of charge, therefore, help from the local community really does make a difference to the staff and patients of the hospice. There are charitable events on-going throughout the year, however, donations are always welcome! There are a variety of ways to help out the hospice so please do check out their page. We are excited to continue this partnership with Kilbryde Hospice and even have a few more exciting charity events coming up for this important cause!

For more information on Cleartech, please contact us today by; calling 01698 682000, sending an email to [email protected] or submitting a contact form via our website.