Maximise Efficiency with Heating System Health Checks

Heating System Health Check – Is your heating system running at optimum efficiency?

What is a heating system health check?

A heating system health check will highlight the actions which need to be taken for the heating system to run as efficiently and effectively as possible This will, in turn, prolong the life of the heating system as well as reduce energy costs.  This is done through sampling the water within the heating system and testing the sample at a UKAS accredited laboratory.

“Sampling of system water during normal operation is used to establish that the water treatment regime is being correctly applied and is effective in minimising the risk of corrosion and other water quality issues.” Source: BS8552

Sampled system water is sent to an independent UKAS laboratory and tested for inhibitors, iron, pH, dissolved and suspended solids.

What happens to a neglected heating system?

A poorly maintained heating system results in the build-up of suspended solids and iron within the system causing blockages and loss of heat/flow.  The build-up of materials with in the pipework can cause corrosion leading to leaks and rusting which requires the pipework to be replaced; another potentially unnecessary cost.

copper corrosion




Looking after your heating system

All heating systems require correct maintenance including strainer checks, regular samples being taken and regular re-dosing of inhibitor according to sample results.

Cleartech can help

We carry out all water sampling to British Standard 8552:2012 and have all samples tested at a UKAS accredited laboratory.

Our water treatment specialists analyse all results and give specialist advice and guidance on a sustainable solution to any issues detected within the heating system.  All solutions are tailored to individual requirements.  These solutions range from continued sampling & re-dose of corrosion inhibitor, to a side stream flushing unit being installed or a full BSRIA flush.

Picture 20

These water samples were taken from a clients heating system before Cleartech flushed out the heating system (left) and after (right).





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