The Future of District Heating Systems in Scotland

Cleartech recently attended the DBDH Developers and District Heating System workshop in Glasgow, a day which allowed Scottish and Danish energy practitioners to exchange industry knowledge and discuss the future of district heating in Scotland.

The event, which was co-hosted and co-organised by members of the City of Edinburgh Council, Glasgow City Council and Highland Council, took place over the duration of three days and was attended by people engaged in the development of district heating in Scotland. Read more about the event here.

District Heating in Denmark

District heating systems are exceedingly popular in Denmark and DBDH is the leading district heating export organisation. At the moment, 97% of Copenhagen is run on these systems, which involve capturing waste heat from electricity production and channeling it back through pipes and into people’s homes. This district heating system is guaranteed to cut household bills and has also saved Copenhagen the equivalent of 203,000 tons of oil every year. Read more about this system here.

District Heating in Scotland

Following on from its success in Denmark, Scotland has also garnered effective results from using district heating. One of the most notable is the system installed at the Athlete’s Village in Glasgow. This Eco-friendly community was built in order to house the athletes that were competing in the 2014 Commonwealth Games, with one of the main goals of the build being to reduce carbon emissions. With the introduction of the community heating system, the release of carbon in to the atmosphere was able to be reduced by around 95% and cost of energy decreased by 30-40% when compared to developments built to previous regulations.

west whitlawburn
Another district heating success story was completed in the West Whitlawburn Housing Co-operative. Cleartech Group Ltd were engaged by Vital Energi, to complete the HVAC Commissioning and water treatment work on the project. Our scope of works included carrying out a full system fill of the LTHW heating system, chlorination of domestic water services and water and ventilation balancing as per CIBSE code A and W. This project has allowed the tenants of the area to save 20% on their hot water and heating costs annually and has also reduced the CO2 in the area by 48,600 tons.

Within the first half of 2017, the Scottish Government will publish its revised climate and energy plans and district heating systems are speculated to be a major part of it. Due to its continued success in Denmark and the positive results that the Scottish systems are experiencing, district heating may be the future of Scotland.

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