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Service: Legionella Risk Assessment & Legionella Compliance

Client: Loretto Housing

Cleartech Group Ltd were engaged by Loretto Housing to carry out water hygiene risk assessments and Legionella compliance services at the Fordneuk Accommodation and Alcohol Support facility, in the east end of Glasgow. Due to the clientele that live in this premises, the residents are more susceptible to catching Legionnaires’ disease, therefore, a Legionella compliance regime was conducted by both our engineers and on-site staff to ensure that the bacteria does not contaminate the water supply.

Project overview

Scope of Works:

  • Legionella risk assessments
  • Legionella monitoring & water sampling
  • Water temperature checks & monitoring
  • Hot and cold water system disinfection works to BS8558 and L8 ACoP
  • Cleaning & sterilisation of cold water storage tanks
  • Cleaning & sterilisation of calorifiers and hot & cold pipework
  • TMV balancing


Cleartech’s Approach:

We engaged directly with the site managers in the planning and carrying out of all Legionella compliance tasks and worked with them to make sure there was no disruption to the day-to-day running of the facility. We can advise our client’s on-site team about routine tasks that can be done to remain fully compliant and ensure the staff are adequately trained to carry this out. For example, we recently organised for an external Legionella expert to host a presentation on the bacteria, on Legionnaire’s Disease and tips on how to stop it from forming in water systems. Additionally, Cleartech can also carry out an audit of in house tasks and maintenance records to ensure total compliance.

Cleartech water hygiene engineers attend the site in order to carry out routine Legionella monitoring. This includes sampling, which consists of gathering water samples from several outlets including showerheads (specified on the individual service planners) and testing them at an independent UKAS laboratory. All temperatures, site visits, water sample results and disinfections are recorded in a log book which is kept on site.

Any high risk situations which arise, are communicated directly to the site manager. Cleartech ensures clients are aware of, and in total compliance with all current legislation with any recommendations we make for remedial and rectification works, being backed up with photographs/evidence where possible. We also guarantee that all works are completed in accordance with BS 8558 specification and L8 ACOP. Furthermore, as registered members of the Legionella Control Association, it is our policy to adhere to “The Control of Legionellosis, a recommended code of conduct for service providers”.

For further information or advice on our legionella compliance services, or for a quote, call today on 01698 682000, send an email to info@cleartech.org.uk or submit a contact form on our website.

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