West Whitlawburn Housing Co-op | HVAC Commissioning

Service: HVAC Commissioning & Water Treatment of District Heating System

Project: West Whitlawburn Housing Co-operative

Client: Vital Energi

West Whitlawburn Housing Co-operative, located in one of Scotland’s poorest regions has invested £6.5 million in a scheme to boost almost 550 households out of fuel poverty. WWHC has connected 543 homes to a renewable biomass boiler through a district heating system which will bring annual heat and hot water savings of around 20 percent to tenants. As well as monetary savings, the scheme will prevent 48,600 tonnes of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere over its 30 year lifetime. Cleartech were engaged by Vital Energi to complete the HVAC commissioning and water treatment of the district heating system installed in the estate.

Project Overview

Scope of works:

  • Full system fill of the LTHW heating system
  • Chlorination of domestic water services to BS8558.
  • Water and ventilation balancing


District Heating System Details:

The main boiler plant consists of a 740kW (685kW continuous output) biomass boiler, which operates in conjunction with a 50,000-litre water tank known as a thermal store. The boiler heats the water in the tank which is then be circulated to the 543 homes through a network of pipes. It then heats the radiators and hot water tank in the homes using a heat exchanger, meaning the systems remain separate. Biomass systems burn wood chips or pellets. The West Whitlawburn scheme also uses three gas boilers to provide top-up heat and resilience to the system, in case of problems with the single biomass boiler.

Cleartech’s Approach

Cleartech’s team of highly experienced water treatment engineers carried out the full venting and static pressure testing of each system, followed by a full system fill using MCW from fire hydrants. Our engineers carried out the chemical cleaning and flushing of the system using a side stream filtration unit. This exercise was continued until suspended solids levels reached the required parameters set out in the project specification. System was then dosed with corrosion inhibitor as per project specification and BSRIA guidelines.

Cleartech carried out the cleaning and chlorination of new installation hot and cold water services to BS8558 specification and Cleartech specification 02 and 04.  Potable water samples were taken and tested at a UKAS accredited laboratory. The carried out the water and ventilation balancing within the energy centre, setting up pump flow rates to CIBSE code W and setting extract fans to CIBSE code A.

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