Sedco 711 Oil Rig | HVAC Commissioning

Service: HVAC Commissioning

Project: Sedco 711 Oil Rig 

Client: Rigfit 

Cleartech Group Ltd were engaged by Rigfit to complete HVAC commissioning works on the major offshore Sedco 711 oil rig, based in the North Sea, in Scotland. Our contribution to these works lasted for 3 straight weeks, with our engineers working 12 hour shifts each of these days and in that time, we overcame several obstacles to complete the works. This was the case as the work had to be finished within a strict schedule, however, Cleartech’s staff were dedicated to completing their work within the time frame they were given.

Project Overview

Scope of Works:

  • Ventilation balancing & commissioning
  • Small fan balance
  • Onsite risk assessment
  • Toilet extract testing and commissioning
  • Laundry extract testing and commissioning
  • Balancing of kitchen extract


Cleartech’s Approach

There were several duct work and fan reconfigurations and upgrades taking place within the rig, which is why it required re-balancing and commissioning. Two AHUs serving both the supply and extract on the accommodation decks as well as other fans serving kitchen, communal and toilet areas throughout the rig. Weather and time were the main constraint on this project, however, Cleartech engineers went the extra mile to ensure the works were completed. This highlights the adaptability of our personnel and their strive to deliver complete and reliable results in difficult circumstances.

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