RBS Gogarburn | Water Treatment

Service: Water Treatment

Project: RBS Gogarburn

Client: Crown House Technologies and MACE

RBS Gogarburn is the Royal Bank of Scotland’s world headquarters and flagship building, covering 78 acres and 350,000sqft net of office accommodation. The planning application for the build was submitted in 2002 and Cleartech Group Ltd were engaged by Crown House Technologies and MACE to complete the water treatment works for its opening in 2005.

Project Overview

Scope of Works:

    • Chemical Clean of the LPHW System
    • Chemical Clean of the Chilled System
    • Chemical Clean of Condenser Water System
    • Dosing of Mono Ethylene Glycol into Condenser Water System
    • Cleaning & Chlorination of Domestic Water Systems


Cleartech’s Approach

Cleartech Group Ltd created a tailored water treatment package to meet with project specifications set out by Crown House Technologies and MACE. This package consisted of chemical cleaning, flushing, final treatment and chlorination of water systems.

After the initial works were completed, Cleartech carried out independent analysis to test for Pseudomonas bacteria in the water supply. Our team collected samples from the chilled water system, condenser water system and LPHW systems before and after the chemical clean, which were then analysed by an independent UKAS accredited laboratory to identify if the bacteria was present.

Cleartech’s team of highly experienced water treatment engineers carried out the chemical cleaning of the water systems in accordance with BSRIA Application Guides AG/2001.

Cleartech invest considerable time, effort and resources on building the expertise of our engineers’ and ensuring customer satisfaction.







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