North Tees Hospital | Water Treatment | HVAC Commissioning

Service: HVAC Commissioning, Water Treatment

Client: Geoffrey Robinson

Scope of works:

  • HVAC Commissioning
  • Water Treatment

Cleartech’s Approach

Cleartech Group, in collaboration with our esteemed client Geoffrey Robinson, embarked on a strategic partnership to enhance and modernize the pathology department at North Tees Hospital. A pivotal aspect of this initiative involved the construction of a cutting-edge plant room within the hospital’s existing courtyard. This facility seamlessly integrates Steam, Low-Temperature Hot Water (LTHW), domestic water, and ventilation plant systems, efficiently serving the new pathology department through an overhead gantry.

Our engagement extended to the meticulous pre-commissioning cleaning of the novel LTHW installation, aligning precisely with the rigorous standards outlined in BSRIA Guide 29/2021. The objective was to ensure the seamless functionality of the system in accordance with its designed specifications. Following the successful completion, samples were diligently collected and analysed in accordance with BG29/2021 Table 4.

In tandem with the LTHW pre-commissioning cleaning, our highly skilled team, equipped with city & guilds training, executed a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection protocol for the recently installed cold water storage tanks. This was followed by the disinfection of the newly refurbished laboratory services, reinforcing our commitment to creating a pristine and secure environment within the healthcare set up and as per Health Technical Memorandums.

Subsequent to the initial phase, Cleartech Group was asked back to leverage our expertise in Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) services. Specifically, attention was directed towards commissioning the ‘Dissection Table’ extract fans. The primary objective was to guarantee the safeguarding of laboratory staff from any potential exposure to Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH), ensuring effective control measures as stipulated in Health & Safety Guide 258. Notably, all 10 dissection tables were meticulously configured to meet and exceed the required standards.

In essence, Cleartech Group’s multifaceted involvement in this project underscores our commitment to delivering excellence across pre-commissioning cleaning, water tank sanitation, laboratory disinfection, and LEV services. This comprehensive approach positions us as a reliable partner in elevating healthcare infrastructure to the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

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