Morrison St, Edinburgh | HVAC Commissioning | Water Treatment

Service: HVAC Commissioning, Water Treatment

Client: ArcTech

Scope of works:

  • HVAC Commissioning
  • Water Treatment

Cleartech’s Approach

This large fit out project in the centre of Edinburgh provided a challenge with the different phases as well as the location of site. Due to the nature of the project, it took a lot of planning and positive engagement between Cleartech & ArcTech to ensure programme & budget requirements were both met!

The initial works including validating existing areas to confirm the flowrates, water quality and condition of existing installation to allow a review of what can be re-used or required to be fully replaced.

The next stage of this contract was for Cleartech Commissioning Manager & Technical Manager’s to review all design information to fully review in terms of commissionability. This proved to be invaluable in allowing the accurate planning of phasing & upgrading install to ensure fully compliant systems.

The water treatment works consisted of Pre Commissioning Cleaning to BG29/2021 of a LTHW & CHW system serving a combined total of over 400 heating & cooling emitters. As part of the PCC works temporary pumps were sized and used on individual floor plates to achieve flushing velocities on the phased works after completion of phase 1 plantroom and riser water treatment, this ensured compliance with BG29/2021 with no delay to the project.

The commissioning works on the project varied from 5 LTHW Circuits, 4 CHW Circuits, 2 Large AHUs serving fresh air to FCUs on each floor as well as local toilet extract fans.

All systems were balanced and commissioned in line with CIBSE Code A & W, these were followed up swiftly by associated detailed reports allowing the quick process of completion of site to the sign off & acceptance of systems with associated paperwork.

As with many large projects the final task on the project was validating the domestic & TMV temperatures before completing the associated domestic system disinfection in line with BS8558 & PD855468. This included the MCW line as well as the CWST serving every outlet on the project before taking final samples that were tested at a UKAS accredited lab to provide full compliance.

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