IBM Risskov, Denmark | HVAC Commissioning | Water Treatment

Service: HVAC Commissioning & Water Treatment

Project: IBM Risskov in Denmark 

Client: IBM Risskov

Cleartech Group Ltd were engaged to complete the HVAC Commissioning and water treatment works at the IBM Risskov in Denmark. As Cleartech continues to grow, so too does the distance we travel to provide a cost efficient and complete service. We invest considerable time, effort and resources on building the expertise of our engineers and are confident in completing projects close to home or the other side of the world. Do you have an HVAC commissioning and water treatment project in mind? Contact us today.

Project Overview

Scope of Works:

  • Domestic Chlorination
  • LTHW Flush
  • HVAC Commissioning


Cleartech’s Approach

Whilst these works were being completed, our office-based engineers started making progress on the mechanical and electrical O&M manuals, as requested by our client. This was submitted along with completed commissioning reports containing details of plants, as well as, systematically providing readings at all outlets and settings of commissioning stations.

All materials, installations and commissioning methods used by Cleartech are in accordance with The British Regulations, EEC or British Standards, British Standards Institute Codes of Practise and CIBSE commissioning codes. As you can see from our long list of accreditations, we take pride in ensuring total compliance.

As a team, Cleartech ‘went that extra mile’ to provide a cost efficient service.  Purchasing chemicals from our usual suppliers and shipping them to Denmark would severely increase the price and possibly the time spent on site, therefore, we used our ingenuity and tracked down a chemical supplier in Denmark who delivered the chemicals straight to site, which saved money for both ourselves and our client.

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