Dalmarnock Purifier | HVAC Commissioning | Water Treatment

Service: HVAC Commissioning, Water Treatment

Client: SPIE

Scope of works:

  • HVAC Commissioning
  • Water Treatment

Cleartech’s Approach

This renovation project included 5 separate units which included LTHW & CHW served from a common plantroom, local mechanical ventilation units in each as well as an individual water supply to each via mains water supply.

The water treatment works consisted of Pre Commissioning Cleaning to BG29/2021 of a LTHW & CHW system serving a combined total of over 100 heating & cooling emitters. As part of the PCC works the systems were broken down to allow quicker & more efficient water treatment works. This started with the plantroom being fully flushed before then flushing the underground heating pipework then finally bringing each unit on individually – this ensured any large debris was removed from the system before entering small bore pipework within each unit. Before final back flushing & dosing of inhibitor, biocide & glycol as per project specification.

All systems were balanced and commissioned in line with CIBSE Code A & W, these included 2 LTHW circuits, 2 CHW circuits, 10 Ventilation HRUs, 6 Extract Fans & several FCUs. These were followed up swiftly by associated detailed reports, this was enhanced due to the time spent reviewing drawings & creating job packs before starting the project which allowed final reports to be complete in live time with our Senior Engineer using his onsite tablet to update and issue these daily.

As with many projects the final part of Cleartech’s scope was validating the domestic & TMV temperatures before completing the associated domestic system disinfection in line with BS8558 & PD855468. This included the MCW line local to each unit serving every outlet on the project before taking final samples that were tested at a UKAS accredited lab to provide full compliance.

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