Barony Campus | HVAC Commissioning | Water Treatment

Service: HVAC Commissioning, Water Treatment,

Client: Castle BS

Scope of works:

  • Water Treatment
  • HVAC Commissioning
  • On-going sampling of systems
  • Disinfection of systems

Cleartech’s Approach

Due to the size, nature and client driven programme the project’s Water Treatment and HVAC Commissioning works were carried out during mini phases.

The LTHW system was flushed, dosed & sampled to BSRIA Guide BG29/2012, these phases were complete from the large energy centre which included 2x 10,000 Litre Buffer Vessels, 2x 1,000 kW boilers and served the underground district heating system.

On completion of these initial works this allowed the phased flushes of Block BZ, Block AA, AB, AC and the Hydro Pool Circuit to undergo the required water treatment works.

These systems were then compliantly balanced using Commissioning Sets, PICVs & DPCVs.

These systems included over 500 radiant panels, 100 Coils/ Heater Batteries & Several Overdoor Heaters.

Ongoing sampling of the systems was integral to ensure that the systems were maintained throughout the water treatment process allowing a compliant system to be handed over.

Furthermore, each block had its own individual ventilation systems including AHUs, HRUs & Fans.

These totalled out on the job with 13 AHUs, 88 HRUs and 37 Fans serving a combined total of over 800 grilles and bellmouths. All systems were balanced and commissioned in line with CIBSE Code A.

The domestic water system was also balanced using the system TBVs with associated TMV commissioning/validation works being complete and all associated domestic temperatures being validate and recorded as required.

On completion of the temperature validation the system was disinfected in line with BS8558 & PD855468. This required the system to be broken down and carried out over a weekend when the site was empty to ensure the disinfection process was not interrupted by the use of water in other areas of the large site.

These disinfection works included MCW line serving the energy centre, the large CWST which serves all blocks and associated outlets plus 3x CAT 5 Tanks serving local areas such as Science within one of the school blocks.

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