Well maintained and serviced closed loop water systems deliver the most efficient, and therefore cost-effective, utility that meets the demand of a changing environment.

ClearTech provides advanced monitoring and control solutions to minimise deposition and prevent corrosion. We use the latest in water treatment chemicals, corrosion inhibitors, biocides and glycols sourced from our long established supply chain partner.

Provide water treatment programmes that will mitigate against corrosion, deposition and biofouling, as per BSRIA BG50:2013.

  • Quarterly monitoring services to evaluate and ensure delivery of an effective water treatment programme.
  • Full On-site testing capabilities as well as independent UKAS Accredited laboratory sampling and reporting
  • System Health Checks on closed systems; chemical analysis of water samples with detailed report produced.
  • Chemical top up dosing, as required.
  • Supply and installation of side-steam (hydro cyclones) to remove corrosion, microbial fouling and suspended solids.
  • Pre-commission cleaning, and system cleaning & flushing to remove corrosion products.