Thermometer Penetration Probe

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This extended penetration probe from ETI is part of a range of temperature probes, used to measure different products.  It has a response time of fewer than 3 seconds and is ideal for applications using liquids and semi-solids.

This particular probe is made from stainless steel, has a straight lead and has the following probe length: Ø3.3 x 130 mm.  It is suitable for use with ETI’s range of portable, handheld thermometers and data-loggers.

ETI offers additional information on the response time of the penetration probe.  The response time is the time taken for the sensor to reach 66.6% of the final reading. This is the industry standard means of measuring probe response times.  The times are dependent on the substance being measured so it’s difficult to suggest an accurate response time without the knowledge of the application.

This probe also forms part of the Legionella Testing Kit from ETI. Available to buy here.




Handheld and easy to use

Hexagonal handle is manufactured from Triax (ABS/nylon blend)

Black-coloured handle

Comes with a one metre PVC straight, general purpose lead



Probe length Ø3.3 x 130 mm
Response Time <3 seconds
Probe Temperature Range -60 to 250°C
Handle Max. Temperature 105°C
Thermocouple Type Type K

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Weight 1 kg