Thermapen Classic – Waterproof Surface Probe

£71.99 inc VAT

This industrial Thermapen from ETI comes with a ribbon surface probe, ideal for measuring the surface temperature of pipes, bearings, hotplates and other flat surfaces.

It comes in the colour white and is supplied in a zip pouch.  One of the main advantages of using the Thermapen is its compactness.  Once you’re finished using the probe it can be folded conveniently back into the device.

Another user-selectable feature is the automatic power-off function.   After 10 minutes of inactivity the Thermapen will be shut down so battery life is maximised




  • Light and easy to use
  • Large LCD display (14.3mm)
  • ‘Biomaster’ additive to casing ensures the risk of bacteria growth is reduced
  • Casing is washable
  • LCD shows low battery and open circuit indication when appropriate

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Weight 1 kg