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Pre-Commission Chemical Cleaning | Water Treatment

pre-commission chemical cleaning

Cleartech provide a high level of expertise and technically correct water treatment solutions. 

System contaminants, including building debris, will unavoidably end up in a newly built pipework systems. If left in the system, these contaminants will prove to be problematic to the running of the system.

Our pre-commission chemical cleaning and water treatment services include:

  • Chemical cleaning of building water systems and pre-commission cleaning of pipework systems to BSRIA Guide BG 29/2020
  • Chemical cleaning of existing systems including individual tailored water treatment programmes and chemicals, specific to client’s needs
  • Dosing of specialty water treatment chemicals – corrosion inhibitors, cleaning agents, Glycol & a wide range of individually selected biocides
  • Monitoring of closed loop heating and chilled systems including system checks, full UKAS Laboratory reports and interpretation with advice on ongoing treatment and compliance with current British Standards
  • Side stream filtration and dirt removal of closed circuit heating and chilled water systems using cyclone separators and side stream filtration
  • Pre-commission chemical cleaning of district heating installations using cyclone separators, side stream filtration techniques and temporary diesel driven pumps to achieve the required flow rates and flushing velocities detailed in the BSRIA Guides – All carried out to minimise water usages and effluent discharge

pre-commission chemical cleaning

We can provide this as a stand-alone service to our clients, or as part of a personalised package including the commissioning of the buildings’ HVAC services.

Cleartech carry out pre-commission cleaning of pipework systems in accordance with BSRIA Guide BG 29/2020: ‘Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems’. As we are also members of the Legionella Control Association, we ensure that all of our services take in to account their Code of Conduct.

“Pre-commission cleaning is achieved through a process of flushing and chemical cleaning (where required) followed by the addition of biocides and inhibitors.  Since it is not possible to directly examine all the internal surfaces of the system, the success of pre commission cleaning is inferred from water samples that are analysed for a range of parameters including, but not limited to, suspended solids, iron, and bacteria.” (source: BG 29/2020)

For further information on our pre-commission chemical cleaning and water treatment services, or for a quote, contact us today by calling 01698 682000, emailing info@cleartech.org.uk or by submitting a contact form.



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