Cleartech cater for both clients operating single sites, and clients operating multi-site or those with complex building stock.  We can offer a full L8 Legionella compliance and control service package or work in partnership with our clients’ maintenance team and assist with the areas of Legionella compliance, which they do not cover.

Our water hygiene monitoring and Legionella compliance programme can include:

Monthly Temperature Monitoring

The proliferation of Legionella bacteria within hot and cold water systems can be controlled by storing hot water above 60°C and distributing it to the outlets at above 50°C, and keeping cold water below 20°C.

Shower head Cleaning and Descaling

A shower head provides favourable conditions for Legionella bacteria to grow as water can sit within it.  Keeping them clean and scale-free is a crucial part of your water hygiene monitoring and Legionella compliance programme.

CWST and Down Services Cleaning & Disinfection to BS8558

Cleartech can carry out the cleaning and disinfection of domestic water systems to British Standard 8558, with minimal disruption, as part of your water hygiene monitoring and Legionella compliance programme. As members of the Legionella Control Association, we conduct all of our services in conjunction with their Code of Conduct, in order to ensure maximum compliance.

Thermostatic mixing valve fail safe testing & servicing

TMVs are installed to prevent the risk of scalding.  The HSE recommends the use of TMV’s on baths and showers to minimise the scald risk, especially where the water is being used by vulnerable people, such as children, elderly and disabled people.

Water System Remedial Works

To comply with HSE requirements, components of a water system may be required to be upgraded, repaired or replaced following a risk assessment of the building or monitoring visit.

This can include:

  • Water storage tank replacement
  • Water storage tank refurbishment including lining, lid, lid vents, insulation and overflow screens
  • Water heater installation
  • Tank removal and mains conversion
  • Calorifier remedial works
  • Thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) installation and servicing
  • Removal of deadlegs and little used outlets