What is Fire & Smoke Damper Inspection and Testing? 

Fire and smoke dampers are fitted in ductwork to prevent the spread of fire, they are usually used whenever there is a fire resistance wall or floors. Fire dampers are responsible for slowing or stopping a fire inside of HVAC systems. In general a fire damper works when heat from a fire causes the normal temperature of a room to rise, it is designed to close automatically on the detection of heat.

Smoke dampers act similarly to fire dampers in order to maintain the structural integrity of physical smoke barriers. Fire dampers are utilised to help stop the spread of fire. They can also be found in the ventilation and air-conditioning ducts. However, unlike fire dampers, smoke dampers do not have the same temperature limitations.

Why is Fire & Smoke Damper Inspection and testing important? 

Regular inspection and testing of fire and smoke dampers is essential to ensure they are functioning properly and effectively protecting building occupants in the event of a fire. Fire dampers should be tested at least once every 12 months, as recommended by industry standard BS9999:2017. The accumulation of foreign materials, such as dirt, dust, and debris, within ductwork can impair the proper function of the dampers, which can put building occupants at high risk.

Your responsibilities 

 You must ensure you have an up-to-date asset register for all fire and smoke dampers in your building. We would recommend that you appoint trained and competent sub-contractors to carry out regular testing and allow them to carry out remedial works where identified. 

You must also adhere to the below requirements:

How often is Fire & Smoke Damper Inspection and Testing required? 

Fire damper testing is a legal requirement and they should be tested minimum every 12 months as a recommendation by industry standard BS9999:2017. Fire dampers with spring-operation should be examined once a year, and those located in dusty or similar environments should be tested much more frequently, according to the level of pollution. Dampers in medical facilities or other high-risk areas will need to be tested more often – for example 6 monthly.

Where does Cleartech carry out Fire & Smoke Damper Inspection and Testing? 

All around the UK and Ireland, we provide inspection and testing services for fire and smoke dampers. We’ve finished projects in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Sunderland, Dublin, Aberdeen and many more locations. Please  notify  our staff via our contact page if you haven’t noticed that we’ve covered your location.

How much does Fire & Smoke Damper Inspection and Testing cost? 

Contact our team for a quote tailored to your requirements.

What makes Cleartech qualified to carry out Fire & Smoke Damper Inspection and Testing? 

Our experienced engineers are City & Guilds qualified.

Cleartech has been continuously expanding and diversifying its services since its founding in 2004. Now, Cleartech can provide our clients with fire and smoke damper testing and inspection, L8 Legionella Compliance services in addition to HVAC commissioningwater treatment, and RPZ valve testing. 

Why choose Cleartech for your Fire & Smoke Damper Inspection and Testing? 

Since establishing in 2004, Cleartech have been continuously expanding and adding more and more services to our roster. Now, along with HVAC commissioning, water treatment and Legionella compliance services, Cleartech can offer our customers Fire & Smoke Damper Inspection and Testing.

Cleartech invest considerable time, effort and resources on building the expertise of our engineers’ and ensuring the satisfaction of the client. In the future, we will continue to expand our services directory, in order to meet the requirements of the project and the needs of the client. 

What else can Cleartech do for you? 

We provide a range of services across the areas of L8 Water Hygiene, TMV Servicing, Tank Cleaning and Disinfection.

Call us for a quote on 01698 682000, pop an email to [email protected], or simply fill out our contact form and one of our friendly team will be in touch! 


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