Wyndford Energy Centre | Water Treatment | HVAC Commissioning

Service: HVAC Commissioning, Water Treatment & Pressure Testing

Project: Wyndford Energy Centre

Client: Vital Energi

Cube Housing Association joined forces with Scottish Gas, Scottish & Southern Energy and Vital Energi to deliver a £27 million project designed to improve the energy efficiency of 1900 homes in the Wyndford Estate, Maryhill, Glasgow. At the heart of the scheme is a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engine, three gas boilers and a thermal store, housed in a new Energy Centre at the edge of the estate. Cleartech were engaged by Vital Energi to carry out the HVAC commissioning, water treatment and pressure testing works for the project.

Project overview

Scope of Works:

  • Pre-commission chemical clean of district heating installation
  • Water balancing of systems
  • System flushing
  • Pre-commission chemical clean of secondary systems
  • Secondary system dosing
  • Pressure Testing


Cleartech’s Approach

The district heating installation, to which we provided the pre-commission chemical clean, was a 300,000 litre system and our water balancing of the systems was conducted in line with the project specifications set out by our client, as well as, BSRIA guidelines. The main district heating pipes are constructed from steel and are highly insulated with a very low thermal loss over long distances  ensuring minimal heat is wasted. Mild steel riser and lateral pipework connects the district heating mains to individual properties. Heat is transferred from the incoming district heating pipework, via riser and lateral pipework into the individual properties internal heating system via a heat exchanger contained in a Hydraulic Interface Unit (HIU).

We adapted our cyclone side stream filtration rig along with a stand alone diesel driven pump to ensure flushing velocities were achieved in line with the practices laid down in the BSRIA Guides. A conventional pre commission chemical clean was carried out on the secondary systems, all the risers and laterals serving the tower blocks and maisonettes.

Our commissioning engineers also carried out the water balancing of the systems to meet with design specification and to comply with current CIBSE Code. The hydraulic interface units (HIU) provide instantaneous heat and hot water on demand for each dwelling. Cleartech were asked to carry out the secondary system dosing using approved corrosion inhibitors as well as chlorinating the new install hot and cold water services in each dwelling in line with the current British Standards. These fit out works were carried out by City Building LLP who were the M&E install contractors and Cleartech formed an integral part of the install and commissioning team.
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To learn more about the Wyndford Energy Centre Project and our client’s (Vital Energi) scope of work, you can visit this link.

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