Faith School Campus | HVAC Commissioning | Water Treatment

Service: HVAC Commissioning & Water Treatment

Project: Faith School Campus

Client: Marmac Services

Cleartech were engaged by Marmac Services to carry out the HVAC commissioning and water treatment at the new Faith School Campus in Newton Mearns. The £17m project brings together two denominational primary schools with provision for a nursery and will serve as a replacement for Calderwood Lodge and an additional Catholic School. The first of its kind, this new campus will welcome both Jewish and Catholic pupils under the one roof and although teaching blocks and entrances will be separate for each school, all pupils can share a flexible meeting place, situated around an amphitheater.

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Additional features include an open atrium, which is designed to hold multiple functions, an assembly and sports hall, outdoor terraces, additional learning spaces,  an innovative interactive space, a nursery class, playground and dining facilities, which provide Kosher catering.

Project Overview

Scope of Works:

  • Cleaning & chlorination of new installation CWST & associated hot & cold water services
  • Full pre-commission chemical clean, static flushing, biocide wash & dynamic flushing
  • Setting TMVs
  • Proportional balancing of AHU1 supply & extract
  • Potable water samples taken and tested at UKAS accredited laboratory
  • Water & ventilation balancing of systems


Cleartech’s Approach

Our full scope of works included cleaning and chlorination of new installation of 1x CWST and 294 associated hot and cold water services to BS8558 Specification at the Faith School Campus. Multiple potable water samples were taken and tested at a UKAS accredited laboratory and results were issued to our client. We also carried out a full pre-commission chemical clean, static flushing, biocide wash, dynamic flushing and dosing of corrosion inhibitor fully in accordance with BSRIA BG 29/2012 Pre-commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems. The estimated water content of the LTHW heating installation at the campus was 10,000 litres and all LTHW chemical cleaning, flushing, back flushing and dosing works were inclusive of boilers, calorifiers, UFH manifolds and radiant panels.

Our HVAC commissioning works included carrying out water and ventilation balancing of systems as dictated by the project specification. All works were carried out as per C.I.B.S.E code ‘A’ and ‘W’, complete with final report. The systems comprised of pumps, commissioning sets, AHUs, HRUs, Ex fans, S grilles, Ex grilles, CAV/VAVs and TMVs. Cleartech invest considerable time, effort and resources in developing the expertise of our engineers and ensuring that all work is completed fully within regulation guidelines so if you have a project that requires our services then contact us today.

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