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HVAC Commissioning
HVAC Commissioning

Service: HVAC Commissioning & Water Treatment

Service: Bilston & Gore Glen Primary Schools

Client: Ingen Technical Services

Cleartech were engaged by Ingen Technical Services to carry out the HVAC commissioning and water treatment at two new primary schools in Midlothian. Gore Glen Primary School and Bilston Primary School were completed just in time for the new year starting in August of 2016.

Project Overview

Scope of Works:

  • Cleaning & chlorination of new installation hot and cold water services
  • Full pre-commission chemical clean, static flushing, biocide wash, dynamic flushing & dosing of corrosion inhibitor
  • Water and ventilation balancing
  • Potable water samples taken and tested at UKAS accredited laboratory


Cleartech’s Approach

Our full scope of works included cleaning and chlorination of new installation hot and cold water services to BS8558 Specification at both Bilston and Gore Glen Primary School. Potable water samples were taken and tested at a UKAS accredited laboratory and results were issued to our client. We also carried out a full pre-commission chemical clean, static flushing, biocide wash, dynamic flushing and dosing of corrosion inhibitor fully in accordance with BSRIA BG 29/2012 Pre-commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems. The estimated water content of the LTHW heating installation at Gore Glen and Bilston was 2,500 litres and treatment chemicals used included biocide, polymer and corrosion inhibitor.

Our HVAC commissioning works included carrying out water and ventilation balancing of systems as dictated by our client. All works were carried out as per C.I.B.S.E code ‘A’ and ‘W’, complete with final report. The systems comprised of pumps, commissioning sets, AHU’s, HRU’s, ex fans, x grilles, ex grilles, TMVs and at Gore Glen, TBVs were also part of the system ventilation and balancing. Cleartech invest considerable time, effort and resources in developing the expertise of our engineers and ensuring that all work is completed fully within regulation guidelines.

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Click the graphic to view or download our Gore Glen and Bilston Primary School case study.                                                                                                                                                                     
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