Apex Hotels | Legionella Compliance

Service: Legionella Risk Assessments & Legionella Compliance

Project: Legionella compliance services at Apex Hotels across Scotland

Client: Apex Hotels Ltd

Cleartech Group Ltd carry out Legionella risk assessments and Legionella compliance for all Apex Hotels and Spas across Scotland. These properties include Apex Haymarket Hotel, Apex City of Edinburgh Hotel, Apex Grassmarket Hotel, Apex Waterloo Place Hotel, Apex City of Glasgow Hotel and Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa.

Project Overview

Our Legionella compliance programme includes:

  • Legionella risk assessments
  • Legionella monitoring & water sampling including swimming pools & spa’s
  • Water temperature checks & monitoring
  • Hot and cold water system disinfection works to BS8558 and L8 ACoP
  • Cleaning & disinfection of cold water storage tanks
  • Cleaning & disinfection of calorifiers and onsite sampling


Cleartech’s Approach

We engage directly with the site managers in the planning and carrying out of all legionella compliance tasks. This includes the set up of site planners for each individual hotel; we don’t use the same planner for all Apex sites. We work with each site manager to ensure no disruption to the day to day running of the   hotel whilst ensuring sites remain fully compliant. In some cases, our clients’ on site team is able to carry out certain routine tasks including flushing of little used outlets and disinfection of showerheads. We can advise on this and ensure staff are adequately trained to carry this out. We also carry out an audit of in house tasks and maintenance records to ensure total compliance.

Cleartech water hygiene engineers attend site on a monthly/quarterly basis to carry out routine legionella monitoring task. This includes legionella sampling and TVC sampling monthly/quarterly (depending on the site), with samples taken from several outlets including showerheads, swimming pools, spa pools (specified on the individual service planners) and tested at an independent UKAS laboratory. All temperatures, site visits, water sample results and disinfections are recorded in a log book which is kept on site.

Cleartech carries out a yearly chlorination and disinfection of the cold water storage tank (CWST) and entire down services, at each Apex Hotel we look after. To ensure there is no disruption to the water supply, we isolate each water tank one at time and carry out the works. Any high risk situations which arise, are communicated directly to the site manager. Cleartech ensures clients are aware of, and in total compliance with all current legislation with any recommendations we make for remedial and rectification works, being backed up with photographs/evidence where possible.




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