RPZ Valve Testing & Commissioning

RPZ valves are an important backflow preventer. This means they prevent water flowing backwards within your water system and act as an important component in keeping your water system hygiene and Legionella compliant.

RPZ valve testing and maintenance should be carried out at least every 12 months, within 30 days of the date your current certificate ends.

Cleartech offers a full RPZ valve service including to testing and yearly maintenance contracts.

We have WRAS accreditation for testing any make, model and size of RPZ valve and can produce the required paperwork and test certificates.

Fire & Smoke Damper Inspection and Testing

A Fire damper is defined in BS 9999:2017 Code of practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings as a moveable closure within the ductwork which is operated automatically or manually to prevent the passage of fire.

The legislation also details the testing procedures for every aspect of the fire detection and prevention system.

Cleartech can carry out a comprehensive Fire Damper test across the entire system and produce a complete report on the condition and operability of your fire dampers.

This testing will highlight if anything is wrong that could cause them to fail at the critical moment and prevent the spread of smoke and fire throughout your building

In addition to the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly checks recommended arrangements should be made for annual inspections and tests of the following to be carried out by competent persons, for any defects to be logged and the necessary action taken, and for certificates of testing to be obtained

Planned inspection, maintenance and testing procedures can then be established and used to ensure that all fire protection systems can operate effectively when required.

Arrangements should be made for all fire safety equipment, installations and systems (including fire detection systems, automatic suppression systems, door control mechanisms, smoke control systems, evacuation and fire-fighting lifts, emergency lighting, standby power systems, escalators, and all passive fire protection provisions) to be inspected and tested on a regular basis by a competent person.

Ductwork Cleaning & Air Quality Testing

It is important to keep ventilation/ductwork clean and safe for the environment and prevent air pollution and bacteria build up. We can provide advice to make you aware of Health and Safety, Welfare acts to cover your buildings, offices etc.

Ductwork Cleaning Process

Risks that can be associated with air pollution and bacteria are; condensation, corrosion, allergies, breading and feeding ground for insects and vermin.

We are in a position to carry out condition surveys and risk assessments on the internal services. Works that can be carried out;

  • Risk Assessments and Method Statements including our recommendations
  • Removal of dust debris and particles
  • Vacuum testing
  • Sterilisation
  • Contact plate testing
  • Filter replacements
  • Supply and fit access doors if required.

Our trained operatives will carry out these works to industry standards and in compliance with current legislation

Completion certification and documentation can include:

  • Full TR19 compliant and comprehensive survey and report
  • Dust Sampling & Microbiological Testing & Certification
  • Photographic evidence of pre and post air duct cleaning systems
  • System Schematics on Autocad format
  • Post Clean Report detailing verification of cleanliness within your ventilation systems
  • Certification of Air Duct Cleaning

Air Quality Testing

Cleartech can provide air quality advice at the earliest stages of your project to ensure potential impacts are identified and mitigated during the planning stage.

Along with our UKAS Accredited laboratory partners & external consultants, Cleartech can offer expert advice on air quality and national air quality standards, across a wide range of buildings.

These assessments are primarily used for complying with on-going regulatory monitoring and reporting requirements, as well as bespoke investigations.

These services can include.

  • Air quality screening and detailed assessments
  • Nuisance dust monitoring and assessment
  • Site specific construction and demolition dust assessments
  • Diffusion tube monitoring
  • Air quality impact assessment on ecology
  • Air quality assessment for environmental permits in relation to industrial installations
  • H1 screening and detailed air emissions risk assessments & H4 odour assessments

LEV Inspection & Testing

What is LEV Testing? – Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV)systems are designed to protect workers from hazardous dust and fumes. To ensure the systems are functioning correctly they need regular testing by a qualified person.

Cleartech can carry out LEV Testing and Maintenance Service in compliance with current legislation to ensure the extraction systems continue to provide safe working environments for the employees.

We recommend that the maintenance, examination, and testing of the LEV systems needs to be planned in three stages:

  • Initial Appraisal.
  • Regular maintenance including frequent visual inspection – this can be weekly or monthly.
  • Annual thorough examination and test.

Our engineers are all fully and professionally accredited and have undertaken bespoke training to ensure competency in line with current industry standards

Cleartech’s customers are comfortable in the knowledge that by employing our service to maintain their systems not only do they abide by all legal obligations, but they also have peace of mind that the extraction system they use is being maintained in optimum condition.

Building Services & HVAC System Condition Surveys & Validation Services

Cleartech provide specialist survey and validation services including investigation of the existing performance and physical condition of low temperature hot water, chilled water and ventilation systems.

In depth reports are a crucial part of the process for any mechanical refurbishment to enable clients to have all the information they require of the extent of the system performance they are viewing to inherit.

Physical condition inspections are carried out on all systems and photographic data logged and supplied within professional reports allowing for a more visual experience for clientele.

Producing detailed reports allows us to identify sections of the systems that are not operating efficiently. A well-balanced system will help in the reduction of ongoing costs and increase the life span of your system

Facilities Management & HVAC Fit Out Specialists

Working alongside our partners for many years, Cleartech have a sound knowledge of design and build fit-out market.

We appreciate the need for professional design and compliant installation practices and contract documentation as well as the obligations surrounding site Health & Safety.

We also understand how essential it is to work in collaboration with our customers to deliver fully compliant HVAC installations.

Following best practice guidelines, the Cleartech team can provide a full asset survey before creating a bespoke and comprehensive planned maintenance schedule designed to suit your particular equipment. Preventative maintenance not only keeps you compliant, it ensures that your business is running efficiently all of the time.